About Us

I have spent my whole life traveling. I hitched from South Africa to London which started my travel addiction and have so been to over 50 countries on all 7 continents. Once I left South Africa it somehow took me 17 years to return to my home roots and still I have not stopped traveling. Since then I have tracked gorillas in Rwanda, sailed across the pacific in a small sailing boat, I have searched for a spiritual renewal in India and traveled on a luxury cruise ship to Antarctica. But in the end, I love South Africa the most. That is a good thing because this is where I live now.

I love the diversity of the natural wilderness and the amazing value for money you get in South Africa. It’s a country that is not overrun by tourism, a place where you still get an authentic cultural experience and where you are still surprised by the welcoming hospitality, generosity and friendliness of its people. I have traveled everywhere in South Africa and am particularly interested in the natural beauty and wilderness. Best of all I still find new ways to rediscover this wonderful place. From white sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, tranquil villages, the bushveld wilderness safaris to elegant colonial cities. I now live in the Drakensberg Mountains which beyond any doubt is the most beautiful place on earth that I have ever been.

On this website I share a selection of my favorite places in this huge and diverse country—some are well known and others more off the beaten track. I prefer to travel slowly and my many trips are generally not about traveling the whole country but rather from a mixture of shorter trips where I tend to spend a little longer than most. You can replicate anything I have done or better still string bits of it together and make it your own adventure.

I hope you find this website useful in planning your trip to South Africa and am just as happy if you simply enjoy the photos and dream of future travels.