Whats the deal?

Who are we?

Buy now stay later

Responding to the COVID 19 crisis, like-minded, passionate, small and independent tourism suppliers are offering discounted deals. Your support helps small businesses, their staff and their families survive this crisis. You secure your future adventure at a massively discounted price. These deals are directly between the supplier and yourself, without any middleman. You deal directly with the supplier and no commission is charged at all. This web service is free of charge to both yourself and the supplier.

How your deal works

Redeem your holiday deal

Fill out the form to request your deal. The supplier will get back to you personally and once you have purchased a deal, the supplier will issue you a voucher with an increased value to be taken off your future booking. Some are even offering to double the value, effectively meaning you are getting a 50% discount.

Each supplier offers their own deal and the transaction is directly between you and the supplier.

As soon as tourism reopens, finalise your booking, redeem your voucher and enjoy your holiday experience.


What is a deal? Guests can purchase a deal/s directly from their hotel of choice for any value. That voucher will be issued at a higher value for later use at that supplier. For example, purchasing a voucher for R1000, if doubled, would be worth R2000 off your next booking. The more you buy the more you save. The vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and terms and conditions apply per supplier.

Where can I purchase this voucher? Fill out the voucher request form on the hotel page and your request goes directly to the hotel. Or simply contact the hotel directly.

How do I know if a hotel is participating? This website has a current list of all partisipating tourism products that are offering deals.

When can I redeem my tourism voucher? Please check with your hotel for any specific terms and conditions.

I’m a hotel, how can I participate? Follow this link to get registered and get more details. There are no charges to participate.



African Nights supports principals that are sustainable, inclusive and ethical. The web platform is supported by Indalo Inclusive and Seeza Tourism SME Network as a great way to respond to this tourism crisis.

By saving tourism businesses we are helping to save jobs. Along the way we would like to encourage suppliers to become more sustainable, ethical and inclusive in their operations. Two of the very successful Indalo Inclusive programs are SCORE and SEED



COVID 19 has created a crisis of unpresented proportions for tourism in South Africa resulting in uncertainty and possible loss of jobs and closure of small businesses through no fault of their own. This web platform attempts to mitigate these losses.

We also promote a better and new way of doing business post COVID-19 where principals of ethics, sustainability and inclusivity will play a bigger role.

We assist in promoting better health and safety protocols to make your holiday a safer destination in the new world of COVID-19